Therapy for Couples and Therapy for Individuals

  Comprehensive Evaluation and Targeted Treatment is our philosophy which helps us uncover the multiple factors leading to sexual problems, the complications that have occured since, and a current treatment plan to return to healthy sexual healing again.

Low Desire Sexual Communication Erectile Disorder Premature Orgasm
Sex Avoidance Sexual Desire Disorders Sexual Pain Orgasm Inhibition
SBD Kink Sexual Fears Sexual Identity Sexual Identity Adjustment
Paraphillias Fear of Sex

  Sexy Saturdays Podcast produced by Davis Sound Mind on social media. Your sex questions answered by our panel of sex therapists and national experts. See our Podcast Video of our inaugural film below.

Watch our SEXY SATURDAYS Podcasts on social media

   Many couples reach out to a therapist to help them with their relationship. Frequently the topic turns to their sex life. Very few therapists are qualified sex therapists. Fortunately Florida stipulates extensive requirements regarding the title of Sex Therapist. Get your SEX questions answered at Davis Sound Mind Sexy Saturdays Podcast.

                    SEX ADDICTION - SEX COMPULSION 

                             TREATMENT PROGRAM 

                                                                                      Here are some indicators of sex addictions:

Porn                                                    Prostitution

Webcam sex sessions                       Nude Bars

Massage Parlor                                  Sexting

Nude Picture taking                           Broken promises to quit

Compulsive Masturbation                Loss of desire for partner

Multiple & Continous Affairs            Blackmail threats 

  Our Sexual Addiction - Sexual Compulsion Treatment Program includes individual therapy, couples therapy, and sex addictions group treatment.  

   Among other areas of specialized training, over three hundred post graduate hours of Sex Therapy Training in Sexology  attained since 1993. Continued education in this specialty as recently as this year keeps skills fresh and updated as to changes in the field. Tampa Sex Therapy Program includes individual, couples, and group therapy. 

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